Monday, January 3, 2011

first day!!quite excited..lalala~


today is the first day i'm going to school in 2011(bajet je walhal memang first day
skola dibuka kan:p..hehe)
excited??not really at the begining..
sebab this year..ada perang bosa punya..hehe
so..mental and fizikal aku tak ready lagi nih..haaaaaaaaaiiiii(belom apa2 da mengeluh:p)
yea2..this year i will having an important exam ever in my life..hhuuuhhh
seriously i'm so scared,nervous and gorgeous(macam tak berkaitan jerrr..kuikui)
apa2 pon..i hope that i can do the best in stpm exam which is coming soon!!
gambate too for those who will having
their important exam in this year!!

apabila seorang hamba allah tuh takda kerja..mula lah syok sendiri
posing by wearing skul uniform ngan kain batik hadiah
from her friend..ngeehh3(buat malusss kaum je:p)

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